Orc VS Human VS Panda in Denmark

Wow (ahem). Apparently some Danish artist had some fun with the trailer for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.

At the very end where the logo pops up it’s not just Azeroth spinning inside the globe, it’s Denmark. I think the credits for the picture below go to Eurogamer.dk. If they don’t, they should really do a better job of saying where they got their images from! Spent a long while trying to track the right credits down…

World of Denmark

Denmark? It’s not just a photoshop, go watch the last moments of the trailer…

I’m thinking either the rest of the team really missed it and the Dane had his laugh, or they kept it in there to generate hits/hype. Blizzard recently lost a handful of EU subscribers. Maybe this is like a shout out? Obviously Pandaria is Asian, not Danish. A lot of European game sites ran stories about this. Seems like Blizzard is a pretty savvy company to me. Extra publicity via the media.


I’m a little late to the punch (twenty-some days) but a recent news story makes it pretty relevent again. Google showed off their augmented reality glasses late last month with a demo video.

I have been saying for the last several years that augmented reality is the way of the future, and that whoever manages to make the right glasses is going to be king. From the looks of it, google is making a product that looks okay enough to wear, which is the major obstacle to conquer in getting someone to actually wear the things.

Their actual features are still being worked out, and so far it doesn’t do anything a cell phones can’t. I have a feeling it will end up a little more Layar reality browser before it’s done and be pretty cool. This won’t take off until it can offer something a phone can’t or in a way one can’t, and google knows that.

Anyway, now we have a guy who has “worn a computer vision system of some kind for 34 years” according to his own blog post was apparently assaulted by staff at McDonalds for violating their no video policy. He says that they will have to get used to it because this stuff is going to be mainstream soon with products like Google Glass around the corner. He’s right, but this sort of thing shows just how crazy this idea is to the public. For some reason we were able to adapt to smartphones despite how sci-fi they were. Now we have the first real Ironman/Terminator/whatever you want to reference glasses set coming out.

In my post, Universe, I was thinking about how amazing the rapid technology pace of late is. And it is, but is this too big a leap? I have been calling it for years as what would happen next, but not everyone has. I’m hoping this stuff sells, because I still feel like augmented reality is the next technological revolution. We needed the headset and this might be it.

Pearless Friend

In the latest addition to the heaping pile of “video games are evil” garbage, a man died of a heart attack (he had been suffering various diseases for years and was also overweight and did not exercise) while playing Diablo 3. Jokes aside that Diablo 3 is evil (*cough* you know… it’s about hell), I want to call attention to the reporting at IGN.


Here is how a key paragraph reads at the time of this posting. Unsure if they will notice and change it.

“However, two of Shirley’s friends have debunked the story, saying he died due his long term suffering with apnea. They describe Shirley as a normal 32-year old man who was “charitable” and a “pearless friend”, but who had trouble managing his weight due to his health problems.”

I almost could not believe what I had just read in this paragraph. IGN was knowingly posting something that was false to continue to capitalize on it for easy hits. On top of that, “pearless”?

Video games do not kill (even ones devoted to slaughtering demons and hellish monsters). The head line could have just as easily read “Man dies while reading book”. Video games are another medium for story telling, right along side novels and movies.