-November 12, 2012
Added a translation widget to the bottom right corner of the website. I had tried it before but removed it due to technical difficulties. The new location fixes those. All pages will now translate, including separate post pages. Due to the nature of my site (poetry, stories, etc) these translations are exceptionally rough, but it doesn’t take up much real estate in the bottom right corner so I may as well have it.

-October 25, 2012
“Archive” -> “Highlights”
Quick site info/change post. “Archive” is now “Highlights.”

-October 7, 2012
New blog tag
I made a new tag, “Blog”, which I am going to be using for my “Other” posts which are bloggish, rants, or anything else. I figure that’s the largest umbrella word. Obviously everything here is a blog post! This also means on the highlights menu it will now link only to those and not any site info posts that I also labeled other.

-August 7, 2012
Menu Update
Just a site info post. I updated the main menu bar so that I could include a few categories (Stories, Poems and Life Captures). It looks good and I like it so far like this, it’s how it will probably stay. The Archive is still for specific selections and the “Popular Places” menu will remain as another link system.

-June 17, 2012
“Popular Places” Menu, Sharing and Comments Update
Another quick site update. Added a “Popular Places” menu. When I started Projection On Paper, I was not 100% sure how it was going to end up. It has really become an author’s blog above all else. I throw a lot of art up here, make commentary now and then on things, but what I have gotten the best feedback on are my rants and the written art. I went ahead and highlighted those things, along with the Life Captures that I have also had some positive feedback on, in a side menu on the site. It will be staying there for the time being.
I also enabled social network sharing on pages and posts, for google plus, facebook and twitter. In addition, I switched on the style comment system. This means you can log in and post comments with your twitter, facebook or wordpress accounts. I don’t get a lot of comments, but I figure it couldn’t hurt, right?

-June 17, 2012
Header Images
I updated the site with a couple more header images, featuring the Projection On Paper logo in three variations. They look great as headers, and thanks to the newest wordpress update, I can change the size of the header to make them look great in their original resolutions. Can you find all three?

-April 9, 2012 Archive Section! I made a new site section: the Archive! I wanted to highlight a few of the best things on the site. I have a lot of posts now and they are hard to sift through for the good stuff. I will add/change the entries if I feel I post something worthy in the future.

-February 13, 2012
Icon update
I updated the site’s icon. If you visited yesterday and are still seeing the old icon or your browser’s default, clear your cache. The picture used is one of the first things I ever made in photoshop, titled “Solar Moon”. You may also catch a bit of it in one of the site banners.



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