Olive tree why do you take so long to give me your blessing
I need the fruit of the labor even it I took a shortcut
You ask for too much from me
But I ask for too much from the tree
Even if it’s to fulfill you
I still can’t make it grow faster
I see straight through this like alabaster
Thin alabaster
You can see through alabaster
Don’t tell me you can’t
Stop talking about this
All you’re doing is making me go offtrack
It’s not going to distract from the fact that you have yet to react to the prior question
You know what one
The one I asked the tree
I did ask it
Don’t ask me what it was
Alabaster you’re like alabaster too
So why do you eldue me
It’s that tree
I can’t make it grown any faster
That olive tree doesn’t bear fruit anyway
It bears olives


Author’s Note: Virtually meaningless.

Man from Peru

A Projection on Paper… Essay?

I wrote a rather alternative paper for my Argumentation and Advocacy class. It would seem the teacher liked it because I managed an “A” for the course. I’d like to post it here. For the funny/creative stuff, see the intro, conclusion and the text and analysis. If you’d like some somewhat reliable information on spheres of argumentation, read the spheres section. I put the spheres section at the end even though it came first in the paper, because it’s far less interesting of a post (and looks worse therefore when I have to use a “more” tag).


            Imagine a world where we are forced to consume footwear against our will. That footwear, completely representational of culture and conquest, stuffed down our throat and forced into our gullets until we begin to walk and talk like those whose shoes we have eaten. That is what happened to a fictional old Peruvian man when the Spanish Government took over his Personal Sphere.

The Text

            “There was an old man from Peru,
Who dreamed he was eating his shoe.
He woke in the night with a terrible fright,
And found it was perfectly true.”

This poem is a symbolic representation of the struggle between the political sphere and the personal sphere, as well as being symbolic of the conquest and revolutions that humans embrace in order to maintain their control over the personal sphere. The shoe is representative of walking, which is how the human race has historically spread from one region of the world to the next and sought conquest, and of culture, because the shoes of a culture vary from one to the next so distinctly. Consuming a shoe is to become like the ones it belonged to. By mentioning Peru, the poem references the revolutions in Peru as well as control from other countries during their revolution-heavy timeline. This is further supported by mention of consuming shoes, as Spanish cloth shoes and Japanese sandals would be significantly easier to consume than the American sneaker, and these cultures have controlled Peru in both the recent and distant past. In finding it true that he was eating his shoe, the old man from Peru has essentially consumed the culture of Spain Continue reading

Climb and Climb

I will fall and you will fall and you will climb and I will climb
I will see and you will see and this will be just watch and see
I need to climb another mountain
Cus the time slows
It walks on you
The ground slips the earth it falls down
Cannot climb here
Your Footing lost
You grasp the ledge ‘fore it breaks off
Still you keep reaching
Fall down again


It’s already up in flame and I’m still sitting still and watching and I’m not going to move a muscle because there’s no point in trying to put out an apocalypse that’s been feeding on logs of determination and tinder of fear and a land of lies when I’m already through and I’ve already seen the past and that’s all I need to know how the future concludes I’ve watched it all hit the floor seen em’ fall one by one until they were no more and it’s not changing anytime soon no it’s going to be this way long before and after doom has found its way into the soul of the world and the core of the situation and each and every one of us is past due because the world can’t stay like this forever and this kind of fire cannot just burn it will consume it will destroy it will combust and conflagrate and all of the other “C” words for fiery things because there is no fire without a sea because water is a lack of fire no lies without truth and no light without dark that whole deal and let me tell you it’s much better this way because as it all keeps burning (and it’s never going to stop) the only thing left will be the sea until it too burns it won’t be in fire but it will burn and it will be destroyed just like the rest and just like all of us because our world is not a burning bush and our world is not fire retardant and it can only stay for so long and I’m not talking about the environment and I’m not talking about global war I’m talking about us and I’m talking about what we used to be and I’m talking about the future and I’m saying that I’ve seen the past and that I know it won’t repeat itself but it will carry on and it’s not going to change course and that the only way I can be free is to watch it all burn because if I do that I can finally have peace and I can finally exist and I will be in control in this spiraling torrent of chaotic past future present that we call living and I’ll make it to the end and along the way I’ll be something and I’ll do something and I’ll be immortal and it won’t be because of the past it will be because of what happens as we burn.

Author’s Note: I haven’t lost it, just writing some stream of consciousness today. Maybe I’m still in 2012 Mayan apocalypse mode.This one has a lot of meaning despite the insane tone.

It’s the end of the world as we know it

Posting this here from my article. I set a post to be made at 11:12 AM GTM tomorrow if the world is still here. I hope we make it! This article was included in an award-winning issue of my college paper.


Starting this New Year, perhaps the last thing we want to think about is that this is our final year to live. At risk of bringing a sad mood to this paper, the following must be included.

Dec. 21nd, 2012 is to be the last day for Earth. It has been a good run; in the last fraction of the planet’s history, the human race had made quite a few amazing accomplishments. We have harnessed electricity and we can communicate with each other from anywhere on the globe. Travel that once would have been impossible now takes a few hours by plane or by rail. It is as if we have managed to all come together under one flag, that of Earth, just in time for it to be destroyed.

Yet, this cannot last, for during human kind’s history, a group known as the Mayans accomplished something of their own: they learned that the Earth would end on December 21nd, 2012.

Now, let us not forget the other grand achievements of the Mayan people. They played amazing sacrificial ball games, where either the winning or losing participants died, and it may have been an honor. Today, tourists still flock to the outstandingly detailed pyramids and ziggurats that they constructed. They had substantial knowledge of the cosmos, and integrated that knowledge into works including their pyramids and, more notably, their calendars. Continue reading

Faster 1.0

The first Projection On Paper story, by Zachary Storch

Crash! Another tree hit the ground.

“So, how much do we get for a tree anyway?” said Jeff, newcomer to the logging business.

“Not much,” said logging supervisor Matt. “The big thing is just to clear them; we are paid for getting the job done so that buildings can be built. We have a guy coming here today that said he would be able to help us with that a great deal.”

Later that day, the visitor arrived. He drove up at a frantic pace and stopped just short of Jeff. Immediately after he leapt out of the door of the charcoal colored van, slamming it as he did so. He shouted out in a gruff voice to the other loggers: “I’m here! Everyone gather round! I’ve something amazing to show you, guaranteed to change your jobs and lives forever!” He then quickly ran around to the back of the van and swiftly opened the trunk. He shut it as quickly as it opened. He jogged back around to the front carrying a large case. Continue reading


You know what I need from you
I’m staring down into the sea
The resting place of your grave
I want to tie it right down
Then pull the rip cord like a top
Watch until it slips and flops
A shiny ray of destiny
A wave of brilliant darkness
The trench bursts – frights
Sounds of fear and then silence
Water, please bury this for me
Tides, send everything away
That’s what I need
So please

Iris of Silver

Stare it down and sail off into heaven
Never thought this could happpen
I’ve been stuck sailing due north
Never more view the iris of silver
Completely lost in havok
Twisted but not deformed
All around me the wind starts to shift
Blows right into my sail
Walls start to fall and break
Turning now fading hard into fate
This is not what I wanted
And still I want even more
And I know you don’t have to be perfect
Still I will try to fight this
Don’t know what I stand for