Woah double back
I flip through the pages
I turn them back
I think I missed the best part

Woah no turn around
I’m going way too fast
My stamina won’t last
Spirit is fading fast.

Oh come on, just now what?
You say I missed a spot?
How could I when it’s one big grey blot?
I’m not catastrophising.

Just how can I be like that
When I’m fading so fast
I’m here for now but stay I’ll not.
I am accelerating.

I am emphreal.


Life Capture

A Projection on Paper Life Capture post

Some Life Captures from the Sculpture Garden today. It’s been awhile since I did one of these, so I wanted to do something iconic for Minneapolis. Now, the Spoon and Cherry isn’t exactly an original thing to take a photo of, but I’m including one because I have to.
The boring picture

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The World Ends With You

My favorite video game is probably The World Ends With You. One week ago a remake/port was released on the Iphone and Ipad (Not Ipod unless you hack, and then I hear it’s buggy…)

Last month I had a post about video games as story telling. The story of this game was what resonated with me. It perfectly matches my philosophy: while we can never know another person, we can try, and the only way to explore more of our world is to talk to other people and open up to them. Just because someone’s views are different from yours, it doesn’t mean you have to accept them, but by listening you only gain. The world we have is very small, unless we have other people bringing their individuality and insight into our lives. The game follows an anti-social kid who realizes all of this through all sorts of crazy-ness too insane to actually go into on this blog.

The philosophy in this game is beyond a simple moral. It’s a way to live your life.

If you haven’t played this, play it. The new version is pretty impressive. The message remains the same and just as outstanding as before. There may be another game or some DLC content on the way apparently, but if it’s a sequel it has a lot to live up to, not just gameplay-wise but story and message wise.