I have had a thought bubbling in my head the last few days that I think I am ready to put to words. It started when I was enjoying a slice of pizza.

It was a great piece of pizza. The crust was soft and high quality, the sauce was tangy and fresh and the cheese was flavorful. I was very grateful to be enjoying this slice of pizza.

I then started thinking about the person who made it. Was he as proud of his work as I was pleased to enjoy what he had made? Surely, no one could be fulfilled from just making pizza at a pizzeria, right? What about the person who owns the restaurant? Maybe they have found fulfillment from their success? If I have a day where I do not project something, I feel useless. Everyone must want to create. Continue reading

Pearless Friend

In the latest addition to the heaping pile of “video games are evil” garbage, a man died of a heart attack (he had been suffering various diseases for years and was also overweight and did not exercise) while playing Diablo 3. Jokes aside that Diablo 3 is evil (*cough* you know… it’s about hell), I want to call attention to the reporting at IGN.

Here is how a key paragraph reads at the time of this posting. Unsure if they will notice and change it.

“However, two of Shirley’s friends have debunked the story, saying he died due his long term suffering with apnea. They describe Shirley as a normal 32-year old man who was “charitable” and a “pearless friend”, but who had trouble managing his weight due to his health problems.”

I almost could not believe what I had just read in this paragraph. IGN was knowingly posting something that was false to continue to capitalize on it for easy hits. On top of that, “pearless”?

Video games do not kill (even ones devoted to slaughtering demons and hellish monsters). The head line could have just as easily read “Man dies while reading book”. Video games are another medium for story telling, right along side novels and movies.



The only way you can ever fail is to give up.

Success is what happens when you give up on losing.

Winning is failure at its finest,

for when you have won, you are done.


I’m not being poetic here, I am being philosophic if anything. Life is fun because we are never in a situation where we can just sit there in paradise, that is, unless you are one of the few people who ever reaches that point of fame. Yet we have people that famous, and know what a lot of them do? They tackle problems, like hunger and stuff. They don’t need to, and people can say it’s for money but they don’t need more money.

No one wants to win, everyone wants to succeed. Succeeding is like a lesser form of winning, a form which is less depressing because you have to keep succeeding in order to hold on to your place of success.

I’m going to strive for success.