King of the Nerds

I suppose I ought to make a post about this. I’m a contestant on Season 2 of King of the Nerds on TBS! ( I’m really excited for the show to air on January 23rd! It’ll be 9 PM Central time, on Thursday nights starting then for 8 episodes.

Check out my awesome introduction video here!

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Projection On Paper


I’ve decided to put this here as an introduction/explanation to this blog. If you’ve seen it before, scroll down to the good stuff! This is a dump site for poetry and occasional stories, most of which are experimental in nature (if you’re looking for my author/novel website, click here to visit!) There’s a lot of content here, and I only consider some of it to be any good (and a small number of works to be exceptional), but quality has never been the goal of this website. Just writing is healthy, and this site is a way for me to write regularly and share it with those who might want to see it. This blog has been running since early 2012, and I’ve changed a lot since then in my style of writing. Much of the early things here I feel belong in the aforementioned “dump” that this website serves as, but I’d rather leave them there for my own and other’s pleasure.

Also, a brief note about my poetry. I don’t consider myself a poet (or at least it’s not what I pride myself on), but I enjoy writing poetry. 99.99% of the time the word “I” does not refer to Zachary Storch in any way shape or form–I write characters in poems. None of these are about me. I’m comfortable sharing piles of poems on the internets–but if you want to use one somewhere please click here and contact me.

As for the stories on this site: I’m an novelist, so I can’t exactly post all my best stuff here on the internet. There really isn’t a story here I consider to be outstanding (I truly am my own worst critic, however). But I have a few here still, because I enjoy creating and sharing what I can.

The “Life Captures” as I have dubbed them are an experiment in photography/video. Some of them end up profound, others leave you scratching your head, but they’re interesting. 

For more about the concept behind this blog, click here.