Water on Mercury

Apparently there’s water ice on mercury. Like a lot. Like somewhere between 100 billion and 1 trillion metric tons (isn’t it funny how large the margin of error for space can be?)

And organics. So we have tons and tons of water, and organic compounds. This is how life on our planet worked. Water+organics.

No life discovered (yet) but this is a great new discovery! It has to be out there…
CBS has a good article
And NASA’s
I really hope we find life out there. With how much organic compounds and water (or evidence of it) we have been finding lately it seems like it’s only a matter of time. No one is saying there’s a strong chance there is life on Mercury, but at the very least we could perhaps learn more about life on Earth by observing the organic compounds and water there.


Yes no why not
It’s tit for tat but I’m up on top
Calm it down like skies in transit
Then rev it up till you can’t stand it
Do it now
It’s you who demand it

Move west ten paces
Then go north
Drop the compass you hold
You are not that bold
Listen to the path charted for you
Your life is subject to review

Avoiding choice to live freely
It’s a paradox, can’t you see?
It’s killing time until you vie to let go of the hand
and —.

World of Warcraft Chat Log Story Time

A Projection on Paper… what is this I don’t even

02:54:21 [Jaxxen] why does leveling suck so bad? D:
02:45:33 [Zadck] well
02:54:40 [Zadck] it has to do with your mother, Jaxxen
02:54:50 [Jaxxen] Go on…
02:54:48 [Zadck] it’s a long story filled with dark secrets and untold mystery
02:55:14 [Zadck] it all started when your mother, Beth, met a man named Issac.
02:55:48 [Zadck] What was that? Your mother’s name is not Beth? Of course not, because she changed her name, but I’ll get to that.
02:56:04 [Jaxxen] You’re right, she did change her name.
02:56:10 [Seksibelf] story time with zadck
02:56:12 [Seksibelf] /popcorn
02:56:21 [Zadck] You see, Beth and Issac started a small game company by the name of Level Up Entertainment. Continue reading

Playwright’s Lament: Life for Idiots

It all starts with the first paragraph
A pair of hearts
Or some vengeance to enact
To my left is some ink stored in a bottle of glass
I put my quill down and take a breath before I crash

A long time ago or maybe just last week
A stormy night or up on a mountain’s peak
A sunny day or a darkened stormy night
The actors take their stand as I exit far, far stage right

I only wrote the plot-line
I don’t ever direct
My vision unfolds
but the producer makes it wind up not like I recollect

It’s the role I play
The price I pay for my success
I never follow through
I only go on to write another