Life Capture

Another Life Capture post. I took two because I did not like the first one, but looking back at it it had its own interesting quality so I uploaded it and the second one. Watch for the ghostly reflections in this first one and compare to the person walking across the street… sort of interesting.


 And the second one has a bit more action going on.


 I like them both. Was sort of fun to take too, had to crouch down in the skyway to get the right angle.

Life Capture

The interesting reflection on the side of the building was what caught my eye. I think it is being caused by the nearby one with the odd shaped glass. It almost looked like water, and was very relaxing to the eyes.
Walking back I saw someone taking a picture of a building as well, just as I saw someone taking a picture through the skyway roof. It is nice to know I am not the only one wanting to snap a few pictures of the world around me.


Crazy Patterns and Trippy Colors

I wanted to take a bit to share how the background of this site was made. It is a piece I have received comments about how complex or difficult it must have been. It is simpler than it appears. I made this one just yesterday.

Quick to create

Lots of pictures, so hit continue reading to see how I started the site background and how I made the above picture. I don’t want to flood the homepage with too many images or it will load slower.

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Only one post today but it’s good… a story!



By Zachary Storch

Jeff Hansen watched another tree fall to the whirling blades of the tree clearer, hearing the lurching of wood followed by a loud thud as the trunk landed onto the cleared grass, throwing up a cloud of musty dirt. The smells of sap and overworked, overheating motors was carried through the logging camp on sawdust.

 “How much is a log worth anyway?” Jeff shouted to Head Logging Supervisor Matt Kaleb.

“We don’t get paid by the tree Jeff, we get paid for clearing them all so buildings can be built,” Head Logging Supervisor Matt Kaleb smacked a mosquito off his arm as it jabbed into him. It fell down to the ground, dead like the trees but silent. “We got someone coming down here today who says he has something that will change our work forever, make it faster.” Continue reading

Life Capture

I took this one wondering how often people look up. Walking back from lunch I was put at ease. I saw a man walking with his wife along the sky-way into the IDS building stop and remove from his pocket a small camera. He held it up and snapped a picture through the glass very much like my life capture I took not over half an hour before.
This was a fun one to take though. I had one person look up to see what I was looking at and turned her face down with a awed expression. The world is an amazing place.


Life Capture

I’m going to do a bunch of these. The idea is a 5-6 second video clip of something I could otherwise take a picture of and have people think it is art. But these are things we see every day. Perhaps in video it will help people look around more often at the world.

The reason for being so sort is because I want to keep them like moving photos. Also it is simple for logistical reasons because I can do these all from my phone over 3g. I took this one today.

The Boy and the Ghost

I wrote this awhile ago and decided I should post it.

The Boy and the Ghost By Zachary Storch
It was a plain summer evening. The sun was just beginning to set, and Gregory Smith was outside playing ball with his friends. The summer was a good time to be young; free from the bonds of elementary school to enjoy the warm breeze and the world around him, after his mom made him put on sunscreen of course. He heard his mother now, calling him and his friends in for dinner. Isaac Colton kicked the ball away, and it rolled out of their Continue reading