I know it’s not the time or place
but I stopped and resolve stumbled when I saw your face
something about it made it shine so clear
that I have so much to do before I disappear.

My ears have yet to stop hearing the sound.
Those voices that tell me I have long to go.
I will keep walking along this road
until your heart turns so shallow.

This is not the way for me
I need to find some kind of sympathy
These pillars of life no longer throw light,
they only throw shadows.

Tremors and trembling tributes to things I once thought.
All of these artifacts of things that I sought,
of goals with half-hearted meaning and places I never wanted to go.
How was I ever to know?

A class ring, a medal, a broken CD.
A stone from the river and a handful of earth.
A diploma of worth, on the back I wrote out how I would no longer be.
I wanted to disappear.
Your visage stopped me here.


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