Stompy Story

I wanted to post this because, yes, there was an actual short story (children’s story) in that picture I posted on Facebook. It was written in about two and a half minutes, but I still wanted there to be SOMETHING on the page. I put too much work into these pics…stompywrite

A Projection On Paper Story by Stompy the Triceratops

Once upon a time there were a bunch of dinosaurs running through the Dark Valley in search of the delicious fruit tree. One dinosaur, a triceratops named Stompy, went on ahead to scope out the path. He passed by a tall tree which was in front of a craggy cave. Although it was off the path, Stompy loved adventure, so he took a peek inside the cave’s mouth. Inside, he saw nothing because it was dark. So he left and went back to Toothless the t-rex and the Spike the stegosaurus who he was traveling the Dark Valley with and told them that the way ahead looked safe. Then they went along the path through the valley and found that it widened until they reached the bank of a river. They could see the delicious fruit tree on just the other side! The river was deep and the rapids were fast, and they had no way to cross! Not knowing how to go forward, Spike suggested they just turn back and go home. Toothless agreed that there was no way to cross, but Stompy told them to wait. In the sky, Stompy caught sight of a pterodactyl! He rawred, and the pterodactyl swooped down to meet his new friends. Stompy informed the pterodactyl of their predicament, and he agreed to help by carrying them across to the other side! When they got there, Toothless smashed his tail into the tree and down came the delicious fruit! Stompy shared the fruit with his new pterodactyl friend, and they flew back across the river with his help and went home. But Stompy knew that his next adventure would be to explore that cave…

First Anniversary

Today marks Projection on Paper’s first full year of running! This last year I accomplished a lot, with the blog and outside of it. I’ve completed my first novel and am well into my second’s development. By writing both here and in my novels, my skills have improved dramatically in the last year.

It took a long time to even decide what I really wanted this blog to be, but I think I’ve settled on it being my sort of “Author’s Website and Blog”. I have every intention to be famous someday, and when I am, this blog will be a lot of fun to look back on. I also have every intention to keep it going until then and concurrently! This blog will hopefully see many more anniversaries. The post count is going to get pretty high too…

I’ve had two-hundred-thirty plus posts in the last year, meaning I’ve averaged more than a post every other day. I want to highlight a handful of posts that accounts for only a very small portion of what I’ve written here, posts that have not necessarily been highlighted before in month posts or the highlights section. Illusion, Grounded Nature, God Complex, Observers, EphemeralMediocrity, Sixteen Hour Lullaby, Trance End, Trying to Stay the Same, Flame, Iris of Silver, Perfect Polypolar, and Happenstance.

I have a couple more posts for today, too. I’m including them here because I wanted this to be all “multi-content”-ish but reposting them so they are seperately searchable. Check them out! Happy Birthday, Projections on Paper!


Wisdom listen hearing the whisper
Be strong, direct
And never look em in the eye
Waiting raging
Smiling a frown
Happy day
Hello you say
Follow me away this way

Ice cream light rays put your beams on high
Be brave, resolved
And try to step over the line
Tables chairs
Waiting around inside
Take a pic
Retrace your luck
Over-caffeinated bluff

Sleep fall deep before the darkness comes
Be calm, move on
And know the self denies
Winter blitz
Salt lands in the eye
Wake at dawn
Completely wrong
Embrace the destiny along

Ice Castles

These are from two days ago but I wanted to post them because I never did and they turned out pretty well. Down at the Mall of America there’s this awesome ice castle, still there for the next eight days if it doesn’t melt. It pretty much takes it’s own great photos.

ice ice2 ice3 ice4