Wells Fargo Still Hates Planets, but my Card was Approved

Hurray! After one /sad email and another submit of my own logo, I got that card approved with the Projection On Paper logo/favicon on it.

They claimed it was copyright reasons that I had it rejected the first time. I doubt they actually found my blog; they probably just thought he must have stolen the picture because it looks so awesome.

Wells Fargo Hates Planets

It’s true. I heard that I could customize my new card from Wells Fargo, so I figured I would use my personal logo; the one in this website’s favicon with the big orange sun and the bright little blue planet.

I got an email at 3 A.M (I am hoping for their sake though that it was a better hour where they were) saying my image has been rejected.

I went down the list. Offensive, no. Obviously, having created the image myself, I own the rights. No dead animals. Not a flag. Not political or religious (discounting a few odd blue-planet sects here and there, but that was not why I made the planet blue), not representing money.

This leaves only one possibility. Wells Fargo hates planets.

Projection on Paper

So after getting canceled due to weather earlier, we finally got to try projecting the sun onto paper for astronomy class. When searching “Projection on paper”, you get the occasional astronomy reference. This is because one way of viewing the sun safely is to project its image onto paper. This can be done a number of ways, including simply poking a pin hole into a note card and then holding it in the suns path. You can also use a telescope that is greatly filtered to view the sun, as well as thick welders glass.

I Reported Deathwing

So the other day in World of Warcraft I defeated Deathwing once again in the nifty looking for raid system. At the end of the “raid” as they are called, you get a chance at rare weapons. For some reason, the game did not allow me to roll for my chance at the weapons.

Being the good humored writer that I am I decided that the best course of action would be to report the final boss of cataclysm for ninja looting. For the less informed, that is a term for stealing items from another player. Continue reading

Lost to the Wind

Sometimes I wonder what it was all about. Others I wonder why I fought back.
It could have been so easy to say yes, to give in.

It was unheard of, untold of. From thin air it came out of.
Like a gust of wind it moved. So fast it lacked sound, traced only by its path.
It moved surroundings as it went, a phantom presence.
I saw that gust everyday. Knew it was special,  but did not know what to say.
Then you saw it and I knew it was real. We gave it a name, which gave it a form.
The form gave it power, it gave it strength. It moved as it had, yet now visually traced.
The creature was large, ungainly and horrid.
Now seen by all, changed from harmless to violent. Continue reading