Number 55

Break on through let no one stop you. Push the knife of life harder. Find what’s to be, ways to see that where you are is where you ought to be.

Look outside; it’s snowing. Catch a snowflake on your tongue. Don’t let it melt. If it is raining, freeze it into a cube. Take the cube and make it an egg. Hatch a plan.

At the root of that plan should be health. At the buds should be aggression, acceleration. The stems are paths to take. Follow one like a stream. Ore in hand. Float down, down, down. Find the falls. Let them freeze too. Walk out of your kayak before it melts with the snowflake and look for land. Follow the lighthouse to shore. Feel the sand under your feet, in your hand. Throw the sand and watch it fall like the frozen-cube-egg-plan-rain. Shake it like a snow-globe. Like a ball. Throw the ball. Let the air catch it and throw it back. Continue reading

Projection On Paper

Tuesday for my astronomy class I will be “sun gazing”, a process which involves projecting the sun onto paper. When you google “projection on paper” you get some astronomy stuff on occasion (along with me on the second page, now that all the art supply stores bought their spots back on google).

I am going to try and take a picture for the heck of it.

Remember: art is projecting on paper. We have an infinite canvas on which to create.

Life Capture

I wanted to do a Life Capture tonight. I looked at my phone battery and saw I was running out of time, both to decide where to go and to take the video. I made up my mind to go to the IDS building and take a second video of the fountain, then compare it to the one I took before, which was during the day. When I neared the building, I gazed up at the skyline as if it would tell me where to find something more interesting. So consumed by trying to find something to look at, I had shut off my ears. Suddenly, I became aware of a street performer on a brass instrument. In my quest to find a picture I had forgotten all about sound. I pointed my phone towards the skyline and took a five second video of the sight I viewed when I heard the music. The sight is not that impressive (quite abstract in fact), but I post this as a reminder to myself and the world to keep not only their eyes open, but their ears. After taking the video, I tipped the performer fifty-some cents and continued on with my walk.


Artix Entertainment

Back from an amazing trip. I knocked off my article for the paper this morning and started and finished my 5 page English paper in a couple hours, giving me most of my break now to just write! Wait, I was already doing that…

Artix Entertainment is an amazing company. I have been a fan of their games since 2004.* In that time, they have become (in my opinion), the most outstanding game company in the world. Through a crazy cause and effect chain** too long to discuss here, I got to meet my heroes.***

It is often the case that when meeting heroes, we are let down. This was not the case here. These people are amazing and from seeing the office, they are an amazing company to work for.****

I got to see how the games are made and how they all operate. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I expected epic.***** I was most impressed by how organized they are and how well they stick to their launch schedule.

Meeting the teams behind each of the outstanding browser-based games was a lot of fun. Hopefully, I will have the amazing opportunity again.


*In true AE spirit, there will be asterisks in this post.

**First, I stepped on a butterfly. Then it got up, grew arms and attacked me!

***And their weapons!

****The clowns drain your health budget pretty fast though.

*****I even got to work on the servers!

Streetlight Rant

Is it really this hard to keep a traffic light going? For the last four days, each morning, the traffic lights outside my apartment have been working. Then, each afternoon they break, and begin blinking red while the walk light goes dim.

I understand that things are hard to fix, but I don’t get this one. It seems like there is some sort of computer bug on it. Or maybe someone is doing it on purpose. I can see it now, at the traffic control center:

“Hey, its 11:00 A.M again Bill, wadaya think we should do? Should we shut off the light again?”

“Oh, sure man, go ahead. What’s the problem with one less pedestrian walking the streets anyway? Just be sure to have it on in the morning.”

“Lemme get that switch!”


Then again I hear computers do run these things. Maybe it is more like this over at traffic control central:





“2? 2!!!! *bzzzzzzt….*”


I mean it though, this has been four days in a row, at the same time. This would not be a problem were it not Hennipen Avenue and people were not busy as hell and in a rush. No one wants to wait. I have seen cars come withen inches of each other. We kinda need traffic lights. One light is out and that is all it took for people to forget how to drive.