Fremitus Resistance

I’ve been getting requests lately to tell more about the story I wrote for the LARP challenge on King of the Nerds, so I’m going to do that!

First off though, I wrote the majority of the story/did the world building, but Jack, Nicole and MK had significant impacts on their own characters of course. With that said, and the acknowledgement that I might get some of the minor details about other people’s characters wrong, I’d love to share about the world I came up with! Also, if I got any of the Latin correct, I’d be shocked–I don’t speak it, but as Brandon said on season 1, Latin sounds cool.

Based on the classes we had to LARP, it set itself up for a world with musical undercurrents. We spent some time brainstorming, decided on some kind of dystopian and I started spit balling the ideas that became the actual story. Jack decided someone needed to die and I was cool with that. Nicole came up with the idea of her character actually being the real villain, which was cool and we all loved.

Sound became the theme, both literal (Spell Singers, Bards and my rather loud and aggressive warrior) and less literally by means of rebellion. Let’s start with the cast!


Magnus a Warrior of the Fremitus Resistance, played by Zack/Myself
A member of the untouchable Clamore, he lost his father to the Eodem Sono and joined the Fremitus to fight for freedom and individuality in Melodia. Improving his skill with the sword, he worked his way up through the ranks of the Fremitus to become one of their top fighters and will stop at nothing to see Melodia restored and the Eodem Sono destroyed. In protest to the “One Sound” government he aims to disestablish, he always speaks strong and loud.

Lady Aria a dubious Bard with a tragic past, played by Nicole
She grew up in a horrible situation and learned she could control people with her song. She thought that everything would be better were everyone the same–less violence, more understanding. She took control over the Sacre Monje and joined the Fremitus as a double-agent, using her knowledge to keep them a non-threat and ultimately aiming to plot their complete destruction.

Kahlan a Spell Singer of the Cantio, played by Mary Kate
An incredible fighter and master of Spell Singing, Kahlan works with the Fremitus as one of their top fighters. Like Magnus, she wishes to see her world returned to one of many sounds so that she may continue to sing her spells as she likes.

Sacre Monje the leader of the oppressive Eodem Sono, played by Jack
A previously calm, well measured man twisted by Lady Aria. During the Tympanum, he plays steady beats on a drum to remind the populous of his control and their unification under the Eodem Sono.

_________________________The Story and World________________________
(this all comes from a document that I typed up prior to the Nerd War and then distributed to the rest of Midas Touch Attack–This is what I came up with when Nicole asked me to make the story.

The Fremitus Resistance (What you saw in the Nerd War)
Magnus, Lady Aria and Kahlan are members of a resistance fighting against a fantasy dystopian government which has suppressed the individuality and innovation (the very same drive that makes nerds nerds!) in an attempt to maintain control over it’s populous. They call themselves the Fremitus, and aim to overthrow the Eodem Sono. While there are many members of this rebellious movement, three are sent on a mission to try and dispatch the Sacre Monje, the leader of the Eodem Sono. Little do they know that Lady Aria’s Bard spell has put her in control of the Sacre Monje–and now that she has a chance to take on Magnus and Kahlan, two of the most powerful members of the Fremitus, with the help of the Sacre Monje, she aims to quiet the Fremitus once and for all.

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The Cantio
The Cantio are a small group within the Clamore who practice the ways of song magic. Formerly a respected group of intellectuals, bards and song-weavers who aided all in society they were forced to sing in secrecy under the Eodem Sono.

Eodem Sono
The Eodem Sono is a theological super-government. Fifteen years ago, the primary faith of the land was Melodia, led by the Sacre Monje. Melodia was an accepting faith making up eighty-five percent of the population and never aiming to force their ways on others. Lady Aria visited a shrine and encountered the Sacre Monje in meditation. She took control of him with her Bard song, and twisted the teachings of Melodia. In an event called the Sedatus, the religion of Melodia became that of the Eodem Sono who forced everyone to be the same and hold to the same sound. Those who refuse to conform become a lower, untouchable cast called the Clamore. Four years after the Sedatus, a small fraction of the population create the Fremitus resistance to fight against the new order.

The fight! AKA “The Upheaval”
During the Tympanum (A day where a ceremonial drum is sounded to remind all of the “one sound” way), Sacre Monje is found in his temple by Magnus, Kahlan and Lady Aria. Magnus draws his weapon and orders the Sacre Monje to do the same. They exchange heated words and engage in combat. The four battle, with Lady Aria playing her songs from the sidelines. Planning to wait until they tire down, the tides turn in Magnus and Kahlan’s favor. Just as Magnus readies the finishing blow, Lady Aria plays a sharp note, freezing everyone in place. She reveals her plan, and explains that as she grew up she found she could control the world, a world which had been unfair to her, with her sound. She found the Sacre Monje and took him under her control and established the Eodem Sono. Everyone regains their mobility, but something is wrong. Magnus finds himself without control and goes to strike Kahlan, who blocks his sword and pushes him back. He regains his senses and realizes that until Lady Aria falls, the free world of individuality he desires will never be formed. Lady Aria notices his control has returned, and the two attack each other at the same time, both falling to the ground. As she falls, she plays a foul note, and control suddenly returns to the Sacre Monje. Lady Aria begs Magnus to see it her way, that things can better if everyone is getting along under one sound, if everyone was the same. Magnus shakes his head and claims that she’s wrong: that everyone is different, and that’s what makes it all so beautiful. Kahlan, realizing the Sacre Monje is no longer a threat to her, rushes to Magnus. He asks if they made a difference (*cough* Star Trek reference), and she said they did. Both Magnus and Lady Aria pass, leaving the Sacre Monje to say that he will see the faith of Melodia to what it was before the Sedatus, and that the oppression will end. Together, Kahlan and Sacre Monje go on to create a better world.

So that was the gist of the story and world! I was so glad that the judges understood I was making an analogy about nerds. Nerds are the kinds of people who are not afraid to be themselves–we don’t thrive when the world forces us all to play one sound!

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  1. Loved it! I was one of the people who requested this. I thought the story had great potential. It is fantastic to be able to read this expanded version. Thanks!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was fun to work on and considering how little time I wrote it in I’m pretty proud of the work (: It’s not flawless, but it’s solid world building!

  2. Wicked awesome!! Nice analogy about nerds! I’ve been known 4 years. I’m not scared of bein’ myself! This shall encourage nerds and geeks everywhere and the forsaken to win! Kudos 😉

  3. This is amazing! I would love to see this published as a full length book! Still thought Midas Touch Attack should’ve won. True king of the nerds.

  4. That was remarkable and I enjoyed reading all of it! Zack, I think you are just simply amazing. Throughout KOTN you inspired me to not be afraid to be myself. So for that I thank you 🙂 I really thought you should have won! You were epic in those Nerd-Offs!

  5. Wicked cool! Awesome!! …or as the power rangers use to say, Morphinominal:-) (So I’m a MMPR fan sue me…)

    Point is, your imagination rocks big time!:-)

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